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Lodging/ Chic,Ethereal and Soulful Hidden Gems


We distill the overwhelming amount of lodging options down to only what are the very most ethereally stunning, bohemian and chic villas and hotels around. We scour the earth for what is around the corner and what is not easily found. We negotiate a better rate, liaison, book and do all the work for our client.

Villa Cardo Puglia



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1. extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world.

"her ethereal beauty"



Our Lodging Curation
These are the very best thoughtful luxury and eco-chic properties on earth.
Booking through Travel-Well assures you the best price possible. But not only that, we will negotiate with the property manager, contract, make sure everything is legal, paid on time and that you are getting what you deserve as a client of travel-well... Early/late, bottles of wine, Turn down service, A relationship with the GM, Concierge, Director of Leisure, racquets and golf.
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