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The Stories/ Not excursions or activities... but transformative and immersive life-changing experiences.

In 5 years, no one will ever remember the flight, nor the hotel room. Rather, it is the stories, the moments and the experiences that are the lasting pieces of any good travel experience. We seek to find and engineer stories and opportunities for our clients to wend themselves into the tapestry of the space and time so that they can create moments where they will grow.... learn... become better and mostly- remember a brief, golden moment... forever.

  • Private chef meals

  • Cooking classes

  • Riva wood boat tours

  • Vineyard to vineyard biking

  • Surf lessons

  • Spa days

  • Farm to table dinners

  • Hidden beaches

  • Olive orchard picnics

  • Bean to Bar chocolate class

  • Fly Fishing

  • Esoteric museums


We can help  you get out there, get in it, get off the main drag and really experience fun! Whether it is a treehouse, an adventure van, surf school or a culinary tour, we can help you design whatever will bring you joy.

Click below to read about a place and a moment where food created an indelible life memory.

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