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Updated: Dec 4, 2019

When I was 5 my grandparents brought back a silk shirt from Singapore decorated with sea horses. I rubbed the silk as they told stories of steamer ships and trains winding through rice paddies. They described the smell of tamarind and fish sauce cooking in the streets and laundry hanging heavy in the damp air. I loved the sound of Singapore Sling and later I would envision Expats and Diplomats rocking on the wide porch of the Raffles hotel drinking them in the stifling mid-afternoon. Listening to my grandparents talk about their travels was spellbinding. I realized later, that that night was the seed of what would become my life's passion.  

A young me in my sea horses

I founded Travel-Well to build a better way to create travel dreams. My hope is to bring romanticism, allure and authenticity back to travel while focusing on culture and transformative experiences. I believe in coming home better than we left. I believe in the revelatory moment in travel where one decides to bring home a new way to do things, a new recipe or a new tradition.

That is why I have designed a platform that asks for a profile of information from the client so that we can match you with hotels, villas, restaurants and experiences that are you-that say you and say what you dream to become.

At Travel-Well we consolidate the world and the web into a simple, beautiful and optimized travel search. We search for authenticity and hidden gems that are almost impossible to find on your own. Our life-time of experiences along with our proprietary formula allows us to create together a bespoke, customized experience for you. 

I have been all over this world. As my travel experiences grew my friends and family continually asked for full blown travel recommendations. We want to travel just like you do, they would say. I emailed them advice, tips, how to, where to go, what to do but it was organic and not at all a beautiful, streamlined experience. But now it is! Together Let's create dreams, find authenticity and come home better than we left.




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