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The Journey/ We design travel in 3 parts: the journey, the destination and the story.

Travel-well is a boutique consultancy and clearing house for all of your travel needs. We have handpicked the best suppliers around the world, who share our values of understated, thoughtful and meaningful luxury travel at the best value. We Consult with our clients, find destinations, lodging, dining options but mostly- we empower our clients to not just book a hotel and air... but to really live! We have everything you need right here to create the trip you didn't think you could do on your own, or didn't feel a travel-agent knew you well enough. Well, We know you because we are you. Relax, look around and feel free to ask us anything.

Why use Travel-well and how are we different?

We not only book travel and create an itinerary- we consult, listen, take input and design experiences, dining, excursions, hikes, runs, spa, lessons and wind our client into the story of the place as part of the offer. 

Experience- We have been everywhere and have the palate
 and life experience of our clientele. We offer experience, insight, knowledge, articles, videos, multi-media presentations, youtube videos,books, upgrades,early and late checkout, welcome drinks, airline lounges, resort pool passes, bottles of champagne, linen towels, stainless water bottles, books about the destination.

Taste- we are the travel agent with taste- We are the Alice waters slow food movement of travel. We take our time to find organic, thoughtful, tasteful and classy lodging, dining and experiences.

Value- We are a luxury outfit for sure but we pride ourselves on delivering value. We do not charge the client- unless they upgrade- but offer way more than a travel agent. We will always go with the product that has soul, independence, class and delivers the best value to our client.

Transparent pricing and delivery- Most travel agents deliver a blanket quote that may or may not have hidden service fees, profit and not necessarily the lowest price. We deliver the lowest price point, are transparent in how we are paid and deliver a smart, multi-media E-Package with everything possible for the trip.



We help you find the exact place you want to go. We help you get there and set up every part of your journey.


We interpret the destination for our clients, pointing out history, locations of interest, design, architecture, books, articles and videos that pertain to the place.


We create a list of dining options, experiences that are different and interesting... ways to become part of the story and to craft your own story.


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When working on your behalf to design a bucket list trip of a lifetime, we utilize the very best suppliers on earth. We have vetted and curated only the companies that we feel share our values for small, smart and thoughtful travel done right. We work as a liaison bewteen you and the supplier so that you have the very minimum amount of interaction and decision making. We then file through their offerings to qualify that their lodging and vendor choices meet our criteria. We then add on the Travel-Well enhancement service where we include life affirming moments, add-on experiences, off the beaten path sites, culinary experiences, Playlists, inside details and intel from our lifetime of travel. Large vendors like Tauk, Africa Travel Inc and Kensington are amazing at the big picture. We come in and add nuance and flavor to finish the canvas. Oh and we keep them on their toes so you are getting value at every turn.

Curated Packages