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Why work with us? We are not a travel agency- We are a travel consultancy... and that is all the difference. 

Our hope is to disrupt the tired old model of travel agency. People ask- do we still need travel agents with the internet? No- what you need is someone that you can use as a sounding board, a mentor, a guide. Somebody with impeccable taste who has been there. Someone you can develop a meaningful relationship with, who you trust implicitely and who has your best interest at hand. Ultimately, you need someone who will say-"Go here and do this and it will be the best experience of your life." and you say- "Woaaaaa- I had never heard of that and it wasssssss unreal."


We are different from a travel agency in that we are completely transparent about what things cost and why we are choosing one place over another. You will end up paying more in hidden service fees and bullshit commissions with a travel agent than you will with us.... and you will have a far more elegant experience. We offer choices and guidance based on what is the best choice for you and what creates the best value and chance for a dream to be realized- not on some promotion deal or mouth-breather junket. Do not ask us what our offers are- we don't have offers or promotions. we design experiences that change your life forever. If you want a discount on something that can make you feel differently forever- you are in the wrong place. 


We have travel superpowers. Quite literally. I have synesthesia. My letters and numbers each have a distinctive color and texture in my brain. I notice and take in more visual input than other people and am able to synthesize it, categorize it and memorize it to use later. I am a romantic. I feel deeply and so the little things matter. Feelings, colors, soaps, flowers, positioning of the pool, the lighting, smells, laughter, music. It all matters deeply to me. I am not a travel agent- though I use all their tools. I am a designer. I have impeccable taste and the ability to communicate it and help others choose something that will change them forever. 

We are decidedly NOT big box. we seek out what is quality, craftsman-like, smaller, better. We are a small store and will remain that way so that we may offer the very best experiences. If that resonates with you- then come inside, sit down... have a glass.

How we are different.


We have impeccable taste. From a very young age, I always was drawn to the nicest forms, foods, products, clothing. My mother designed and built numerous homes as I was growing up and always had large binders full of designs, swaths, woods, appliances- I picked it up from her.


We have been to over 50 countries. I started as a National Park Service Ranger in Denali and traveled abroad during the winters... all over the South Pacific, Asia and Europe. That is where it started and it has never stopped. I have cataloged every place I have ever been and if I have not been to a place- it takes me about 2 hours on-line to have more expertise than someone who has been there.


I count most of my client list as friends. We are in the same life strata and have the same tastes, likes, loves, passions so they love sharing and chatting, texting and keeping up. This is a collaboration and it is fun! My favorite thing, is becoming part of the family.

ABOUT/A different travel planning experience

I started Travel-Well because I was tired of spending so much time on-line trying to find something better than the over-abundance of packaged, mediocre fare. I wanted somewhere and something distinctive and full of character, independent or at least not grotesque and garish. I find that travel, like much of our other pursuits has become commodified and big boxed, a race to the center, full of audacious, pseudo-luxury and whatever big, gaudy and conspicuous thing delights the masses at the time.

At Travel-Well we push against that tired construct and wish to do something interesting, sustainable and better for humanity. Our aim is to introduce our clients to the idea of Small Travel, a pursuit to pack more grace, romance, class and allure into each moment of ones travel experience. We lean toward boutique and wellness travel and immersive cultural exchange. We hope for time and space to check-in and possibly, if all goes well, to have a moment or maybe two or three where the clocks, the alarms, the inanity and insanity of home subsides and just for a brief second.....euphoria and transformation seeps over us.

It is, perhaps, a nostalgic look back through a sepia lining toward simpler times. For all that was wrong with Antebellum, Colonial and Manifest Destiny eras, and there was plenty- a simple nomenclature for travel was created that speaks to me. A writing desk, a badger hair brush, a whirring ceiling fan, pastel plantation shutters framing a teal sea. Graham Green and Paul Theroux, and for that matter, all great travel writers, were searching for something that resonates at my core. They sought, as I do, a simple moment and an elegant space to have a moment, however brief to feel something.... anything more than the anhedonic, grey commute, the punch of the clock and the mendacity of the time between Monday and Friday each week of our lives. No, life is too short to not seek, with vigor, those spaces and those moments....... to feel just something.

Dylan Beeson Ceo Travel-Well Superior colorado

Travel-Well is a design hub. We incorporate thoughtful design into each trip, including, planning, destinations, lodging, dining, experiences, memories of a lifetime

Dylan Beeson CEO and Founder Travel-Well LLC

My Grandparents brought me home a silk shirt with seahorses on it from a steamer trip to Asia. I wore it until it went threadbare and have searched the earth for one just like it ever since. Listening to them recount their travels set something deep in me to travel as much and as far as I could. It is my Raison detre' and I want to share that passion with you.

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